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Hey there!
This website is brand new, so please be patient while we get all material up. If you're looking for a Parts Manual that isn't here, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Parts Department, who are happy to send it to you! 
-Thanks from the G.C. Duke Team!
Parts & Service Department
Steve Gruhl, Service Manager
HEATHER MCKEOWN, PARTS order DESK | 1-800-883-0761  ext. 141

RANDI-LYNNE BAXTER, PARTS order DESK | 1-800-883-0761  ext. 142

Paige Quigley, parts order desk | 905-637-5216 | 1-800-883-0761  ext. 140

nicole tuckett, PARTS Manager | 1-800-883-0761  ext. 107

MICHELE SPINNEY, operations manager/INSIDE SALES | 905-637-5216 , 1-800-883-0761 ext. 121

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