Warranty Procedures

Contact Warranty at EXT 128

or warranty@gcduke.com

Required Information

The following information are mandatory requirements. Any claims submitted without this information will be denied.

1. Make/ Model of equipment

2. Serial Number

3. Date of Purchase

4. Hours

5. Parts required/used for repair

6. Description of failure and repair

G.C Duke Equipment warranty procedures are designed to minimize your down time, and to keep things as simple as possible.  There are three possible scenarios for warranty:


         1.  You have a unit under warranty and would like a service technician to                  come and do the repair.

              No problem! Either click here to request a service call, or contact our                     service department at 1-800-883-0761. 

         2.  If you are a servicing dealer, or are performing the repair yourself and                   require the parts to perform the work:

                            a. Call into the WARRANTY department at X 128 and let them

                                know you need to order a part pending warranty.  

                                * please have your part numbers required and the serial                                          number of the unit available.

                             b. A "Pending warranty" order will be placed for your parts,                                        and shipped out that day (if stock is available) or placed on                                       order.

                             c. Once you receive the part, you have 30 days to submit a                                           warranty claim to G.C. Duke.  If you do not submit a claim                                         within 30 days, the parts will be charged to you.  This is non                                     negotiable. You can file your claim here or fill out the

                                 paper form and send back to us.

                             d. Your claim will be submitted to the manufacturer and a                                           decision rendered as to whether or not the repair will be                                         covered by warranty.  If your claim is denied by factory, you                                     will be invoiced for the parts sent to you.

         3.   If you are a servicing dealer or customer performing the repair, and                     do not require the purchase of parts, but rather are using parts you                     had in inventory, or if it is a labour only claim:

                             a. Fill out a warranty claim form here and your claim will be                                         submitted to factory. 

Please note, G.C. Duke Equipment does not adjudicate warranty. All decisions are made by the manufacturer. 
Please keep all defective parts until your claim has been approved.  If the manufacturer requests the parts to be returned, and you do not have them, the claim will be denied.